"Why should my church consider a "Plan" with Glory Guitars rather than just having Glory Guitars service our instruments when needed?"​


This is a question I receive from many Worship Pastors when I initially meet with them to lay out the Glory Guitars vision. ​The answer is quite simple! Typically, if a worship leader is experiencing an issue with his instrument during weekend worship, he has to try to find time during the following work week to physically travel to a shop in town to deliver the instrument for repair, which typically takes 10 days to two weeks to be turned around...at which time the instrument needs to be picked up and paid for with a check from the church or church credit card. Not a very convenient or efficient method of getting an instrument back into service!

With a Glory Guitars Plan, the church is guaranteed specific days and times where I will be in the church building, maintaining and/or repairing instruments. Unlike other shops in town I am dedicated to and focused on your church's needs during a regularly contracted Plan time...which GREATLY decreases the time it takes to get instruments back into the hands of worship musicians! Additionally, with regular visits, I am able to perfectly maintain all instruments and diagnose potential issues BEFORE they become expensive repairs! Finally, churches receiving service under a Glory Guitars Plan receive priority consideration with unscheduled emergency repair needs and rush orders. 

Plans may be initiated in any month and will continue through December 31 of that year. Schools are eligible for a nine month Academic Contract, starting in August or September and ending in April or May. Each Plan begins on the first day of the month after a contract is signed. Service may be provided prior to the Plan start date with separate billing.


  • Any unused portion of the monthly fee may be rolled over each month until the start of a new plan year each January 1st (August 1st or September 1st for nine month Academic Contracts) if there is not sufficient need for service in any given month for any reason. The rolled-over amount may be used for any future service, or to purchase parts or supplies like string sets, batteries, etc.​ Any funds not utilized by December 31 of the current plan year will be forfeited unless the service contract is continued into the following year. 
  • Payments may be made electronically or by monthly check.. If you need additional service not covered by your current monthly fee along with any roll-over amount, I will invoice the church/school accordingly.
  • Please contact me by phone, email, or through the "CONTACT" page on this website at least four hours prior to a scheduled visit if you've determined that my services are not required on that day. If I travel to your site based on a regularly scheduled appointment and there is no need for service, a $50 travel fee may be charged to your account...but only if an additional day/time needs to be scheduled in that same month.​
  • I gladly offer my services to any non staff member of your team in need of repair, maintenance, upgrade to their instrument, or a custom-built guitar. Those in need of service may simply contact me to discuss their need...and then leave their instruments at the church/school and I will either perform the work on site during a regularly scheduled visit, or bring their instrument back to my shop for completion. Anyone having work done to an instrument should download the "Glory Guitars Work Order" form  through the link below, print it off, fill it out, and leave it in their instrument case. Non staff members may be included on the plan at the discretion of individual churches, or can be billed directly by Glory Guitars.

No matter your needs, Glory Guitars will work with you to get all of your instruments playing their best! Some churches, regardless of size, opt for a quarterly plan, where I come to their location once every 3 months to work on and maintain all of their instruments. This option is especially effective when timed to seasonal and church calendar events. For Eagle Brook and Westwood Community Churches, I visit in March (Spring and Easter), June (Middle of Summer), September (Fall and beginning of Church Year), and December (Dry winter and Christmas). This is a huge win-win for each of their campus worship pastors. Their instruments are NEVER out of service, sitting in a repair shop somewhere!


Plan Includes:

* One or two visits to your site, or one visit to two sites per month on agreed upon regularly scheduled day(s)/time(s).

* Includes up to $250 of services as listed on the Service Page per month. Work unable to be completed on site will be brought back to my shop for completion and returned as soon as possible.

GLORY PLUS:    $250 per month

Plan Includes:

* One visit to your site per month on an agreed upon regularly scheduled day/time.

* Includes up to $150 of services as listed on the Service Page per month. This plan is especially suited to smaller churches with one or two worship/music staff members who play guitar and/or bass. Work unable to be completed on site will be brought back to my shop for completion and returned as soon as possible.

GLORY BASIC:    $150 per month