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Meet Jim

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about Glory Guitars

Providing quality, custom-built guitars, expert luthier service, and pastoral encouragement to the worship community...and beyond!

“I’ve had a true passion for guitar…playing, of course, but also a perpetual curiosity in its design, construction, electronic circuits, etc. ever since I received my first guitar back in 1965.”

I was on staff at Hosanna! Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN, a Contemporary Christian Mega Church as Head of Adult Worship Music for 12 years from 2003 - 2015. During that time I maintained, repaired and customized hundreds of guitars and basses for our worship staff members as well as our many guitarist and bass player worship band members and Music Academy students. I eventually began building custom electric guitars for colleagues. This was all in addition to my regular role of charting music, scheduling and communicating with teams, leading worship, conducting orchestras and choirs and playing lead electric guitar for weekend worship. My background prior to being called into the worship ministry was primarily in high school and college music education, with a four year tour in the United States Air Force Band in Washington, DC. In April of 2015 I resigned from my position at Hosanna! as I clearly sensed that particular season of ministry coming to an end.

New Season: Glory Guitars!

All of my custom designed and built instruments are 100% Made in the USA. Glory Guitars is a one-man operation, so EVERY aspect of your custom-built instument is handled by yours truly. My attention to detail verges on obsessive, and I absolutely refuse to let any custom instrument leave the shop if it’s not someithing that I would be happy playing in any situation. I have disposed of many finished bodies and necks and other hardware that just didn’t meet my extremely high standards of excellence.

In addition to building custom guitars and basses, which I've designed to be amazingly versatile instruments, my passion is to travel around the Twin Cities to maintain, set-up, customize and maximize the performance of guitars and basses used by Worship Leaders, Worship Pastors, and any member of their teams needing quality work performed! Worship is WAY too important to be disrupted by a poorly functioning or "under-maintained" instrument!
I am currently performing luthier work in my shop, as well as on site at churches in need of maintenance, repair or customization of guitars or basses, as well as general maintenance/re-tubing/biasing of guitar amplifiers. Any job too involved to complete during an onsite visit will be brought back to my shop for completion...and delivered back to the customer promptly!

I consider my work with Glory Guitars to be as much of a ministry as I do a business. Although I am blessed to have an opportunity to work on any instrument, my passion is to support and encourage those playing for worship, as there is an "eternal" purpose to this particular mission!

- Jim