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Cornerstone Bass


Each Cornerstone Bass is painstakingly aged by hand to give the guitar a comfortable, broken-in feel right out of the included heavy-duty MONO case. Every bass is set up to perfection with great attention to detail. As beautiful as this bass looks, it plays and sounds EVEN BETTER. Choose "LO" for a clear, classic P tone, or switch to "HI" for jaw-dropping thump! The 2-position HI - LO switch makes this an unbelievably versatile tone monster. This new, custom "THUMP circuit" is unlike anything else currently offered in the bass guitar world! An LT ("Low Tune") version with heavy strings is available at no extra charge.

Finally, bass players can experience the versatility of tones guitarists have enjoyed for decades!

I play, and continue to “tweak" every completed instrument for a minimum of one week prior to sale to ensure superb playability for its new owner.



cornerstone bass specifications

Body: Quality sourced alder for solid thump and punch, spec'd at 4 lbs. in your choice of finish

*Neck: Standard 34" Scale -  Hard rock maple with an extra dark rosewood fretboard, or with a maple board in GG Dark Vintage Amber with a smooth hand rubbed Tru Oil finish, 10" radius for awesome versatility,  .83" at the first fret with a comfortable vintage 1962 "C" carve and 6125 frets. The nut width is a vintage 1.625" 

Nut: Hand-carved unbleached bone, fully radiused to perfectly match the fretboard

Pickups: Custom Glory Guitars Cornerstone Bass set: Custom-wound, Lindy Fralin "P" pickup in the neck... a little further up than standard for a fuller, warmer tone. The unique bridge pickup is a T.V. Jones Thunder Blade, custom wound for Glory Guitars

**Tuners: Vintage-style Schaller, or Gotoh oversized vintage-style reverse wind.

Bridge: Custom Hipshot aluminum A-Style Bass Bridge

Electronics: Exclusive, Glory Guitars "THUMP" circuit, Industrial 2-way "HI-LO" switch for P pickup only ("LO") or TV Jones ThunderBlade added in for SERIOUS PUNCH ("HI"), CTS pots, NOS Sprague "Vitamin Q" tone capacitor, Switchcraft jack, Gavitt 22 gauge cloth pushback wire, Cardas Audio silver solder

Knobs/Switches: Aged industrial nickel toggle switch, aged nickel domed & knurled or other various knob combinations available

Strings: D'Addario EXL 170 or 160, round wound nickel.

*Neck specifications may be customized by the customer to include variations in nut width, fingerboard radius, neck back carve, and fret type.

**Hipshot Bass Extender Key is a +$100 option(D'Addario EXL160 strings only)


$2,195 + $65 shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. for standard custom-ordered Cornerstone Bass, MONO Bass Sleeve case included

$100 upcharge for “heavy” aging

Current build time from order date is approximately 12 - 16 weeks with a 50% deposit.

Several custom builds currently in production! Please inquire.

Let's get a custom Cornerstone Bass build started for you today! Reach out to get more information, to make inquiries, or to order your custom Cornerstone. A phone call is preferred as I can answer all your questions in real time... and better yet, get a chance to speak with you!