Upgrade/Customize Pricing

THIS is the FUN stuff! Your instrument may be well maintained and functioning just fine, but you are REALLY excited about trying out a new set of pickups...or think a different pickguard would look cool...or want speed knobs instead of top hats...or...The Sky's The Limit!! Below are just a few of the more common upgrades I've done over the years. Unless otherwise noted*, prices indicated are labor costs only. I will supply all parts necessary for each job at an extremely reasonable price.

Install Pickups: $45 - $150

I don't think there is any single upgrade you can make to your guitar or bass that will so drastically change/improve it's tone! I do more pickup swaps than anything else in the customization end of things. I'll swap or install pickups in any acoustic, electric or bass. The fee varies GREATLY because of the labor involved in swapping out a single coil pup versus a fresh install of a complete system in an acoustic guitar. Semi Hollow bodied instruments are ESPECIALLY time consuming because I'll be performing laparoscopic surgery through the F hole! When installing new pickups in electrics I HIGHLY recommend the Electronic Upgrade service below for full appreciation of the upgrade! Those new pups need to BREATHE!!!

Electronic Upgrade: $75 - $150

The first time I did this to my electric decades ago, I wasn't sure if it would make a perceptable tonal difference. I was FLOORED the first time I plugged in, raked a chord and rolled my volume up. There was a HUGE difference in tone, clarity, volume, usability of the tone knob range, etc! The cost of this service *INCLUDES up to two feet of the highest quality Gavitt musical instrument pushback wire for your specific application, two or four CTS U.S.A. pots in either 250k or 500k depending on the application, a U.S.A. CRL or Switchcraft switch depending on the application, a U.S.A. Switchcraft mono jack and a tone capacitor chosen specifically for your setup. Only the very best silver audio solder will be used. Dual Single Coil instruments are on the lower end of the scale, and Dual humbucker equipped guitars with braided wire shielding and guitars utilizing multifunction pots with coil tapping are on the higher end.


Install Strap Button: $20

...on your acoustic guitar. Time to lose the shoelace man! *Price INCLUDES your choice of nickel or gold plated strap button!

Neck Back Refinish: $75 - $150

All of my customers for whom I've performed this service are THRILLED with the results! I could NEVER stand the "stickiness" of a glossy nitro or poly finish on the back of a guitar or bass neck. I developed a process of removing the finish and replacing it with a beautifully smooth and completely sealed, aged "Tru Oil" finish. This is the only finish I use on my builds. You'll LOVE it! I'll need to have your guitar (or neck) at my shop for several days for this process. Please note that the back of your neck will have a well-worn, broken-in, aged appearance when completed, and will feel FANTASTIC!


If you can dream it...I can likely help make your customization dream a reality! From a simple pickguard swap to a complete "make-over"...I've got you covered!